Clare O'Grady

Clare will capture your heart and soul with her amazing positive energy!
Clare is our wonderful Reiki Master and a fully qualified complementary therapist. She brings healing to our retreats with her unique therapies and meditations, and you will quickly notice that her passion shines through. Clare works alongside Rebecca delivering 5* tailored therapies to our retreaters.

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Emma Shipley

Emma radiates calming energy and loves to breathe in fresh rural air (and hug trees!) Emma specialises in mindfulness and movement in the great outdoors. And even better, she uniquely combines the two! Emma lives a conscious lifestyle and believes wholeheartedly in the powers of yoga and the mind body connection after overcoming an anxiety disorder in her twenties. She brings her passions in to every retreat with guided walks for all abilities, and outdoor meditations.

Rebecca Griffin

Rebecca is the founder of UHE and she wears her holistic halo with pride and joy! After a decade long vision and lots of studying, along with business planning, she finally brought the first UHE retreat to life in August 2019 and hasn't looked back. Rebecca's passion is in all aspects of holistic health and wellbeing, but in particular massage therapy and meditation (combined). She is a VTCT qualified holistic therapist, energy healer and mindset coach, and believes wholeheartedly in the mind body connection, the power of touch and natural methods of healing.

Kate Sassanelli

Kate is our lovely Yoga Goddess! Kate's yoga sessions are tailored to the theme and age range of each retreat and the way she teaches has top priority on the capabilities of the physical body. If you can't touch your toes and feel yoga is not for you, then Kate is your lady! Kate also offers skincare & beauty products which you can order and purchase during your retreat.

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Megan Alice

Meg is a passionate yoga teacher and entrepreneur who can certainly relate to the feeling of overwhelm whilst trying to practice self-care, keep on top of family and social obligations and be successful in her career. She believes everyone deserves to enjoy a happy and fulfilled life doing the things they love, whilst experiencing inner confidence and outer strength.

Meg’s yoga classes are suitable for all levels and abilities and you will find her at the Yoga Lounge in Glossop as part of our wonderful retreat team.


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