Retreats Came from a Very Vivid Vision!

Updated: Feb 16

After my dad worked hard to build his business up from scratch, my parents moved to the beautiful, idyllic and very unique island of Paxos (Greece) over 10 years ago.

From the moment I stepped foot on to their land, before their house was even built, I had a vision… I got butterflies in my stomach, passion in my heart and there was a spark in my soul! I felt at that time that it was nowhere near within reach, and at that point it most definitely wasn’t. I saw a place of peace and calm where people were away from the stresses of the world, long to-do lists, responsibilities and worries. I envisaged an escape.

Over the years and after many visits to what is now my home from home, I have manifested this vision and now my dad is building extra properties on their land which will help me to make this into a reality (butterflies again at the very thought).

Emma and I have always been encouraged to follow our dreams and build our own businesses, the way that our dad did, from nothing. We know that hard work and determination are the absolute minimum requirements for doing so, not to mention the sacrifices and overcoming setbacks along the way too.

Because the Paxos vision is now within reach, the hard work must continue. As some of you may know, these things don’t come easy. Visions like this take over your life, your every waking thought, your every sleeping thought (!), your energy and your personal decision making.

We have now done two very successful weekend retreats in the UK and have plans to run one or two day retreats over the winter, and another weekend retreat in Feb/March 2020. There are no limits to where this vision can take me but most importantly, take you. Because you are the most important part of it. You make it into a reality and what you take away from the experience is the number one driving force for myself and Emma.

The Paxos escape is set to be something extra special! The programme will consist of guided walks to places you would never find even with a map (!), boat trips, meditations at sunset, holistic therapies including massage and reiki, lots of you time and relaxing. There is no other place like it and because there is no airport, it almost feels off-grid. Forget the hustle and bustle, busy roads and fast paced ways of the UK; that is a world away from here. Imagine a pace so slow you don’t even need to look at the time. A guarantee of stunning clear waters and scenery far beyond where your dreams can take you. Think of bliss! And this is only what you will find on the outside. On the inside you will no doubt reach depths you never even knew existed. I like to call this ultimate bliss.

Look out for further posts on the Paxos escape which we hope will be in the not too distant future.

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