Are you part of the global awakening? And what exactly is a spiritual path?

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

The way the world is waking up brings me joy everyday! I used to get quite upset and frustrated at how oblivious people were when I began learning about Buddhism 10 years ago. I used to think, "why are more people not awakened to this? They could be happier!" and it baffled me that I had gone through my whole life and never been told about or shown the way to my spirit. After all, we are a physical body, a mind and a spiritual being (or a soul). Our spirit is such an important part of our being, if not the most important. This is not a fault of anyone. It is just the way western society was/is, and we didn't know better. The majority of us were living in a conditioned and controlled state, and the ones that were 'free spirits' were often placed in a derogatory category that made them out to be abnormal and not accepted in society. I used to love reading about the 1960's generation of 'hippies' and I felt more drawn to that way of life than the mainstream way, which to me seemed extremely closed off.

As a child, I always had a sense that there was something else, something more... and when I went backpacking around South East Asia in 2006, I learned first hand what conscious living was. I guess that was my awakening, but it wasn't until a few years later that I really started to connect with this and embark on my 'journey'. It was a slow burn. I didn't evolve into an awakened being overnight. It took many years of 'practice' and sometimes I faltered - and still do! It was a process of peeling away the layers and it is still ongoing. It will always be ongoing for me. Each of the UK lock-downs over the past year has taken me to a new level, because I have had lots of opportunities to go deeper within. My work also takes me to new levels, and probably like many of you, I am learning and evolving on this path every single day.

A Spiritual Path is a Way of Life

Particularly on social media, we are hearing and seeing more and more terms like spiritual path, spirituality, conscious living, free thinking, higher consciousness, inner self, deeper self, higher self, spiritual connection, soul journey, awakened, enlightened, mindful living and so on. I often hashtag these in my posts, but none of these terms mean anything religious or supernatural as some may think. They refer to living beyond the conditioned physical state that we have been under pressure to do since birth, by a society obsessed with consumerism, youthfulness, greed and materialism. I believe this pressure is often the cause of mental health issues and many social issues. Of course, people may agree with this way of life as it keeps masses of people under control, but the 'system' is flawed (I will leave that there and never get political in any of my posts, don't worry!).


An awakening, a spiritual path, a whatever you want to call it, is a more enriched way of life...


To become awakened is to become alive, and your own spirit/soul is the only thing that will get you to a place of absolute contentment, where you stop wanting or waiting for the next thing. This is a "journey" to a more expansive awareness beyond your physical self, which eventually becomes a natural awakened state of consciousness. It includes awareness of oneself, others, the Earth and the Universe as a whole. And when you start to understand the interconnectedness of everything and the impact your thoughts, words and actions have on the planet, you are on the path. The rest is up to you. No guru, book, teacher, therapist, podcast, blog, documentary or anything else can access your road map. They can guide and facilitate, but the daily work and ongoing practice comes from you. The more you practice mindfulness and expand your awareness on your path, the more you get back, and this is where the magic really starts to happen! This is a Universal law. Call it the Law of Attraction, Karma or Cosmic Coincidence. It is real.

Your Journey is Personal to You!

I'd like to explain a spiritual path in a nutshell, as simply as I can for you... the journey you are embarking on is the journey "home" to your purest self. The self you were before the conditioning. The self you are in spirit. The self you were when you were born; conceived even. When I meditate, I connect with my heart and my soul, the way they were when I was born. I think of purity, compassion and unconditional love, and I bring this into my guided meditations too, as a way to help guide others "home".


A gateway to the beauty and wonder of life...


Lots of things can prevent us from opening the gateway to this beautiful journey and that is where my passion and my own soul's purpose lies. My calling is to help people heal from the inside out and guide them to a place where they can easily access their spiritual selves, so they too can live with contentment and real joy. Once they are at the gateway, they have the road map and they control the vehicle. Even those already on a spiritual path sometimes need to be guided back to it, when the chaos of the modern world takes over. This is where the 'work' comes in, because it is a commitment, especially in the early days when you find yourself back in default mode without a second thought. If you persist, like with any practice, it becomes second nature. Much like learning an instrument or training a muscle at the gym, we can train our thinking mind to become stronger and gradually let go of the conditioning that can suppress our spirit. We can create a new way of thinking that serves us and allows us to live with more freedom from pressures and negativity. When we let go of our conditioned state, we start to take more notice of the things that really matter. The things that are beautiful and wonderful... the things that make us feel alive!

So, what do you think? Are you part of the global awakening or do you want to begin your journey right now? Get in touch and let me know where you are at. I love connecting with others and will always give free advice! It is all part of my own journey.

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