Connection Opportunities, thanks to Lockdown & How to Create a Sacred Healing Space at Home

Throughout the past year and in particular during the latest lockdown, I have seen so many people turning to online classes and events and I can honestly say they are really making a difference to my well-being. Why did I not believe this was possible a year ago?

At first, I was resistant to these virtual options, and then they became my ‘go-to’ for connecting with like-minded people during lockdown. I’ve joined yoga classes, guided meditations, sound healing events and even 2-hour long Buddhism classes. I would say the experience of human connection has been the number one benefit for me, and never did I think I would ever feel a genuine sense of connection in this way. I am a people person, so have always preferred face to face connection over phone calls, video calls and anything online.

If I were to score my level of well-being on how I feel before and after an online class, I could easily go from a 4 to a 9 or 10. This is where it gets interesting, because we are able to feel a sense of connection and the energy that arises from that experience (feel-good hormones), without actually being in that energy in ‘real’ life. This is because we have the ability to create that energy from our thoughts and feelings, as if we were in person with the teacher/guide and surrounded by the other people joining the class/event. It goes even further if you open up to chatting with strangers (if there is an opportunity within the class). I definitely go from a 4 to (beyond!) a 10 in those instances. Not only do I get a sense of connection to others, I also get a sense of connection to my inner self.

During the lockdowns I too have ran my own events and classes for facilitating holistic healing. When I get feedback from those that have joined, it confirms to me that it absolutely is a wonderful tool, and let’s face it, we don’t have many other options right now. I want to encourage you to create a Sacred Healing Space at home and use this space as your escape for online classes and events, or just for you to be in for your meditation practice or a quiet moment. Creating this special space may even inspire you to get out of your comfort zone and join an online event or class. It is also an excuse to get creative!

My sacred space can change from one room to another. I love changing it depending on how I feel. I am lucky that I have the option to do this and of course I appreciate that some of you may be limited for options.

Think of your sacred space as exactly that, it is sacred to you and there to serve you. It doesn’t have to be religious or holy. It can be devoted to your health, healing and spiritual practices, whatever they may be now, or come to be in the future. I like to think of my space as a gateway to bring me home, to my higher self. When I come into the space I immediately start to relax, let go and tune in to a deeper awareness. The more you do this, the more it happens naturally as you train the subconscious mind to just know why you are there.

Here are some ideas and inspiration for your Sacred Healing Space. Remember to allow your creative side to take over and guide you, along with your intuition…

Begin with choosing your space carefully. Perhaps you want to be by a window or tucked away somewhere cosy with low lighting. You will want to be free from distractions if possible.

Lay down a yoga mat, bolster, blanket, cushion, chair - whatever makes you comfortable to sit or lie. Sometimes I have some thick fluffy bed socks nearby to get extra cosy for meditations.

Now think about what you want the main focal point to be. This could be a candle, ornament, photograph, plant, salt lamp or anything that makes you feel calm, joyful, happy and relaxed. Place this at a point where you can see it clearly from your sitting or lying position.

Decorate the space with candles, crystals, plants, photographs and anything else that both calms you and uplifts you. Some people refer to this set up as an altar. This is a very personal space to you and no two people’s will be the same. Make it whatever you wish.

You can include things within the space that represent what you would like to let go of or invite in. I usually include photographs if I want to connect with a loved one. I also include photos of those I have lost if I feel the need to let go of any grief related emotion.

You could also have written affirmations, intentions or quotes in view on a wall, note paper or framed. These can change each time you enter the space, depending on how you feel and what you are in need of.

Consider choosing colours that are calming such as pastel shades of blue and green. You can get amazing mandala tapestries on Ebay for as little as £6 and these can be used to either hang on a wall or as a throw. They can add a splash of colour to a neutral space.

Burning incense, sage or essential oils can cleanse the air and add a lovely aroma to the space (please be mindful of inhaling smoke. It is better to burn these before you enter the room and always keep a window open for adequate ventilation).

Enjoy creating your Sacred Healing Space. This is something to get excited about and give your well-being a boost.

If you have children, why not get them involved too.

Please share your photos to inspire others on Instagram with the hashtag #UHEinspire and tag @ultimateholisticescapes for a share in our stories.

Rebecca’s next online event is a Virtual Retreat on 21st February from 12-4pm. Why not set up your space in time for this afternoon of spiritual nurturing and holistic healing and remember to note how you feel before and after the event to see just how powerful online connection opportunities can be! Click here to find out more.

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