Let’s Be Honest, Healing Can Hurt

Our wellbeing can suffer immensely when we experience pain; whether it be physical, mental or emotional. Self-care is paramount to get us through a healing process, and what we ignore today will manifest itself and be carried into our future. The mind and body are connected and will ‘feed’ off each other during times of pain.

Although we pride ourselves on the positive vibes we create within our growing community, we cannot underestimate the importance of recognising pain and negative experiences that people may be going through. It is important not to suppress any negative emotions, ignore mental health issues or ride through physical ailments in order to ‘just get on with it’. If we do, there are consequences. And just as a plaster covers a wound, hiding behind pain does not take it away. It isn’t always as easy as just waking up and choosing to be happy or changing your mindset when you are going through a difficult time.

"...just as a plaster covers a wound, hiding behind pain does not take it away"

I say this from raw experience. My personal journey has involved pain; the pain of rejection, loss and emotional abuse over a sustained period of time. But also, the pain of my entire world then being turned upside down and with me left asking myself, “what the hell do I do now?” I worked through it, day by day, and I acknowledged all of my emotions as they came knocking. I let them out (boy did I let them out!) and every time I did, I was one step closer to being healed, and one more chunk of the weight I was carrying was lifted. It was a long process. These things don’t happen overnight. But as long as we are recognising and accepting our pain and the reason for it (there is always a reason), we are giving ourselves the best opportunity to heal. This is step one. We must also forgive. Forgive others as well as ourselves… but this comes much later.

So let’s focus on emotional wellbeing for now. For some this can be a daily struggle. Managing emotions, feeling like you don’t know where to turn and hiding behind closed doors in your grief, pain or trauma may seem like the only option. And depending on your personality type, it may seem ridiculous and unnecessary to speak to anyone about how you feel and wear your heart on your sleeve with pride. It can be difficult, even just to communicate the words “I am hurting” or “I am struggling”. It can feel like there is a barrier to the outside world and inside you are screaming!

Negative thinking brings about negative feelings, so if you are trapped in your own world of self-talk it can actually become more like self-destruct. Talking helps with healing. Having someone listen without judgement helps with healing. Once you begin to accept that you are not alone and you don’t have to be a victim of your pain, the hurt eases. I say that with absolute certainty. And there is always someone to talk to.

Friends on a mountain
Connecting with others and talking through our problems, can bring us relief and comfort during difficult times

We are passionate about creating an environment that is non-judgemental and we believe it is important to free yourself from hiding your pain in order to heal and live a bright, fulfilled and happy life! We encourage open discussions and laying it all out because you can guarantee there will be someone who can relate to your pain, and that person may be equipped to inspire, give hope and lift you up. Acknowledging emotions, allowing yourself to feel them and then going through the natural process of letting go is a healthy way to heal. But of course, this healing can hurt.

We can take comfort knowing we are in an age where we are free to be more expressive and honest about how we feel, without being judged or labelled. So much more awareness has been raised in recent years and we believe that prioritising your wellbeing will be ‘the norm’ in the not too distant future. This is great news for society as a whole, and in particular for younger generations who have the added stress and pressure of being part of a technology and self-image obsessed culture.

"It is normal and healthy to release emotions and your body and mind will thank you for it"

I invite you to tell someone how you feel today. How you really feel. And when you next feel the need to have an emotional meltdown, let it out and feel it. Be proud of it. It is normal and healthy to release emotions and your body and mind will thank you for it.

Useful contact information for those that could be in need of medical or specialised help:

NHS Online Wellbeing Support


Manchester and Salford Samaritans

0161 236 8000

Mind Charity

0300 123 3393


Text: 86463

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