Living a Holistic Life: My Journey & Top Tips

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

To live holistically and help others to do the same seemed to always be a calling for me. It wasn’t in the sense that I woke up one morning and decided to be this way, it was a journey of self-discovery that is still ongoing. Every day I am learning, and I also learn by my mistakes. In fact, I am addicted to learning about the interconnection between body, mind and soul! As a child I could never imagine saying those words, “addicted to learning”, but if I knew back then what I know now, wow, I would have known what my path was and not felt like such a failure at academics.

It wasn’t until I was around 20 (I'm now 37) that I began to realise what the thoughts of my childhood meant. I was often away in a dream world and had very deep philosophical thoughts, which I always kept to myself, and I now realise that these were the beginnings of my holistic journey! I meditated naturally, without guidance, although I had no idea what this was at the time. I became interested in the practice of Yoga and I loved how it made my physical body feel. I believed, and still do of course, in the power of touch and it came natural to me to perform massage. Although I practised Yoga asanas (postures) from my late teens, I didn’t begin my true Yoga journey until later when more of the jigsaw pieces came together.

In my early twenties, when backpacking in South East Asia, I became aware of Buddhism. Although I had heard about this way of life briefly before this time, to actually see it and be surrounded by it was a whole other story. I found myself voluntarily studying for the first time in my life, and my whole world began to change; my internal world. On my return I bought a pile of books on Buddhism and became engrossed in them, to the point where I wanted to shout out my findings from the rooftops! This was the start of my awakening (goose bumps at the thought). I had been drawn in and intrigued by this way of life without a single person forcing their beliefs on me. I chose to learn and evolve and that is what made this so amazing for me. I always hated being under adults’ control throughout my teen years and I knew deep down in my heart that there was something else for me; another way to live.

Whilst travelling through Asia, I was first introduced to Buddhism

As part of my holistic journey which gradually started to involve the other principles of Yoga, 7 years ago I chose to be a voice for animals and stop eating them or buying into abusive industries such as dairy and products that have been tested on animals in cruel experiments. I am not perfect with this lifestyle choice and it has been difficult at times, especially in the early days (there was no such thing as a vegan option on any restaurant menu back then!) but it is the right thing for me. I do not judge others for their own personal choices as I once did eat animal products and wouldn’t appreciate being judged myself. What I try to do, is show that there are many benefits on a holistic level to this diet and lifestyle choice and give advice and information only to those that ask.

In 2017 I finally decided to act on my impulses and that ‘calling’ and qualify in massage therapy. My aim was to then to set up a business and make plans to build a community of like-minded people interested in conscious and holistic living. I feel so strongly about this ‘calling’ that despite some psychological traumas of my own over the past couple of years, I have never felt so content and happy in the deepest part of myself. Valuables to me are not material things or money in the bank, they are feelings of true peace, happiness and positivity. Those feelings are priceless and no matter how much you have externally, it will not bring you home to your deepest self. You have the power to create those feelings and keep hold of them, but it can take practice, self-discipline and perseverance.

Life can be hard for us all at times but with kindness, compassion and openness to ourselves and others, we can all heal together. Not only are we whole as our own mind, body and soul, we are whole as an entire living species, so why not treat others as if they were the same? You can be a ray of light in people’s dark days if you yourself find your own light and live to be the best version of yourself.

My top tips for living holistically

Be kind to yourself & others

When we choose kindness it opens up a world of giving and receiving. Some refer to this as Karma or the Law of Attraction. Being kind to ourselves and others is one way of nourishing our mind, body and soul which also helps those around us. This is a win win as kind thoughts, words and deeds spread and always come back to us. Try it out, smile widely and genuinely at a stranger or help an elderly person at the supermarket checkout. Then observe how you feel as you walk away.

All hands together
Regularly practising kindness can have a profound positive effect on our mental and spiritual health

Invest in your self-care and don’t feel guilty for doing so

Take time to rest and be still. Be alone and switch off from everyone and everything, even if it’s only for 5-10 minutes per day. Even better, book yourself a holistic therapy or go to a spa. This rest time is crucial for overall wellbeing as it allows the body to enter ‘rest and digest’ mode, gives us a break on an emotional level and brings about perspective. That stressful thing you have been worried about may not seem stressful at all when you have taken some time out for yourself.

Respect your body in its entirety

In order to respect our body as a whole, we must nourish it with the right fuel. This begins with hydration and wholesome, healthy food. If you choose to feed your body acidic, sugary, over-processed food and drink it will begin to manifest as disease and illness. Overloading your body with toxins means some of the body’s major systems are working on overdrive. Not only will you feel this on the inside, it will also show on the outside and you will probably lack energy and vitality. Maintaining a healthy diet and weight is scientifically proven to make you feel better and reduce your chances of disease. Of course, oxygen is also essential fuel for our body and deep breathing, especially in the fresh air will give you an energy boost and an extra spring in your step!

Get moving

Wave your arms, dance, walk up the stairs, skip… however you want to move it is all exercise and it releases feel good hormones, reduces stress, tones and strengthens your muscles, increases bone density, improves heart health and could add years on to your life. Being sedentary brings everything to a standstill and it can then be hard to feel motivated to move. But when you do, your body and mind will thank you for it.


If you are new to meditation, there are lots of online videos and apps to help you with this. If you already meditate, don’t forget to do it every single day, if not two or three times a day. There have been studies into the effects of mindfulness and meditation, and we can now confidently say that the evidence shows it reduces stress and anxiety, improves focus, lifts mood, improves relationships and much more! There are several of my guided meditations on Insight Timer, including a free class for complete beginners. You can also follow my podcast series for guided meditations, tips and advice (just search 'Ultimate Holistic Escapes' on major streaming platforms).

Meditation can be done by anyone, anywhere, at any time. All you need is you, and your breath.

Connect with nature

When we connect with nature, we are more able to feel grounded and have less stress which increases positive feelings. If we consciously take in the beauty and serenity, breathe in the fresh air and let go of the busy built up world, it allows clarity and perspective in. There is no better place to be mindful and meditate than in nature. Going for a walk in the park, looking at a starry night sky, watching the sunrise or sunset, walking barefoot on the beach, the list goes on. Whether alone or with a companion, embracing nature brings about lots of benefits for mind, body and spirit. Sit for a few minutes and close your eyes. Focus on the sounds and feelings it brings and take some long, slow, deep breaths. Put your hand on your heart and feel gratitude for your home; the magnificent Mother Earth.

Nature mountains sunset
Being out in nature can give us a clear mind, help us to feel grounded, and boost wellbeing

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