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Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Retreats are becoming more and more popular as people are turning to natural methods of healing and putting more focus on their self-care and wellbeing. What was once seen as a luxury is now seen as a necessity for more and more people. A retreat is a place for connection and introspection.

The health and wellness industry is growing rapidly and holistic medicine is becoming more mainstream and accepted as an alternative to conventional methods that don’t consider the body as a whole; body mind and spirit. Complementary and alternative therapies have more credibility than ever before in these modern times and science is evolving and catching up with what the holistic health community has always known. The future looks bright as we head further away from the stressful and unhealthy society we have created, and head towards a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. A mass awakening is happening which is very exciting for this incredible and evolving industry.

There are so many benefits to a retreat and each person will have their own unique experience which can be very empowering, especially when an awakening happens and there is an energy shift which can then lead on to major improvements in a person’s everyday life. I honestly believe a retreat is an essential part of natural healing and spiritual growth. If you think about how you’ve felt after a spa day, a massage therapy, a long walk out in nature or a week of healthy eating, a UHE retreat will leave you feeling like that, but it will be intensified to a level where you will experience a serious ‘holistic high’. This feeling often stays with you long after the retreat. It is almost like looking through a new lens, where everything is suddenly clear and makes perfect sense, but at the same time it somehow doesn’t, as you begin to come back down to Earth!

A retreat brings with it community spirit, a flow of creativity, exploration of your deeper self and connection with the Earth and its offerings. It is a safe environment where you can flourish and be your true self, make new friends, evolve, learn self-awareness and heal from the inside out. We are not just simply having a break from home life and work; we are creating a shift within us that is going to enrich our everyday lives. We are tapping into what it really means to be human. In the modern world most people only scratch the surface of their potential as a human being. It excites me when I reach new levels on my spiritual path, and there really are no limits. We can grow and grow and continue to awaken throughout our entire lives.


"Humans are social beings and thrive in environments where they can experience joy and connection with like-minded people"


There is just sooo much opportunity for spiritual growth. Maybe you are already connected to your spiritual self and feel in tune with how your body and mind feels and what it needs, or perhaps you are just starting out on a path of self-discovery and you have been inspired and felt a pull in a different direction. Either way, a retreat is a place for introspection which can bring about positive change and new ways of thinking. The creative mind opens when we are away from the distractions and pressures of everyday life.

Our retreats include outdoor guided meditations

Hearing other people’s stories and sharing your own story is a huge part of the retreat experience and you realise that no matter what you have been through or are going through, you are not alone. Those conversations can be life changing and I have seen people’s paths change completely after one conversation. I remember going on a yoga retreat in 2019 and meeting a couple of inspiring people that changed my path and opened up amazing opportunities for me and my career. The gratitude for those moments never leaves me and this was such a special part of the retreat.

Humans are social beings and thrive in environments where they can experience joy and connection with like-minded people. Connection is one of the 5 Ways to Wellbeing.

What can you expect from a UHE retreat?

The vision has always been to bring like-minded people together and watch them leave in a complete state of wellbeing, which is a state of balance, contentment and happiness. When you are in a state of wellbeing, you are better able to heal naturally. If you are open to exploring natural methods of healing, you are far more likely to reach and maintain a state of wellbeing, and with a holistic approach we need to work on mind, body and spirit, and emotional health too. The programmes have an emphasis on spiritual growth through guided meditations and nature walks, but I am also passionate about creating an environment where healing happens effortlessly. I also want you to feel invigorated and full of vitality with more energy and resilience, so you are better prepared to cope with the demands and impermanence of everyday life. This is why a retreat is not just about the weekend itself. It is a lifetime investment in your overall wellness. The focus is not on one particular aspect of wellness, it is a full holistic approach and with my experience and knowledge I hope to inspire you and guide you to that deeper place within you, so your own intuition can then take over and you will become your own healer. We have a wonderful team of healers and teachers and you may see one or two of them on our next retreat in September 2021 (click here to find out more). This retreat also includes an exclusive spa session at The Old Coach House Healing & Wellbeing Centre.

The beautiful village of Golcar in West Yorkshire is the location for our next retreat

I also bring Buddhism and Yoga influences into every UHE retreat and much like yoga, a retreat is a gateway to the union of body, mind and spirit. It is a haven for healing and rebalance. It is a safe space to grow, evolve and shine as your authentic self without fear of judgement. We usually begin by setting personal intentions for the things we want to let go of, which then creates space for the things we want to invite in. There is always joy and fun too! And a little surprise to get you slightly out of your comfort zone which is where we most feel alive. Everything is optional and your intuition may take you in a different direction depending on what you feel is needed at that time. You may just want to lie in and rest until midday (earplugs are provided), or you may get an urge to wander off and explore nature in solitude. Anything goes. It is your retreat.

For myself and past retreaters, the highlight of a weekend retreat is the sound bath which takes place on the Saturday evening. I will set up a sacred healing space with crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, chimes, drums and shakers. There will be an opportunity to join in with some chanting, or just lie back as you listen and absorb the amazing and powerful energy of pure sound. It is during this session where you will be guided to go deeper within as we cleanse the aura, balance the chakras and clear out any energy blockages. Reiki (universal healing energy) will also be in full flow as we surrender into the space and embrace a unique meditation journey.

Sound healing can help to shift energy blockages

Over the course of a retreat weekend, alongside the programme of healing and wellbeing therapies and activities, you will have access to plant remedies such as organic flower infusions, herbal teas, aromatherapy, nutritionally dense filling meals and that all important connection with the natural environment which brings in colour therapy, grounding and complete nourishment for body, mind and spirit.

There are so many reasons to go on a retreat and if you are wondering if a UHE retreat is suited to you, please get in touch and we can have a chat. Remember, you are the most important person in your life and when you are happy and well, this benefits the people around you as well as you. Ultimate Holistic Escapes provides many opportunities for spiritual growth and inner healing and if it is not during a retreat, it can be through our podcast, guided meditations or holistic therapies. As well as facilitating healing, we also encourage you to tune into your own body’s healing capabilities and allow that energy to flow as nature intended. You will be surprised just how powerful and life changing this can be.

With love and healing light,

Rebecca xXx

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