Download and keep this soothing and balancing 19-minute long sound bath recorded for our recent virtual retreat.

Bath in the pure harmonic sounds created by Rebecca using these beautiful crystal singing bowls.


Potential benefits:


Stress relief

Holistic healing


Reduce anxiety

Pain relief
Peace of mind



Sleep aid

Release emotional blockages

Open and balance chakras


Sound healing is a type of energy healing that is used as a holistic therapy. It really is a beautiful experience!

It works by a healer playing powerful sacred instruments to create sound energy which has the potential to clear blocked energy in the body and energetic field. It will balance and open your chakras and it quickly relieves stress and tension in the whole body.

Music is sound healing too! Think of the way particular songs or types of music make you feel. Listen to music if and when you can and let go completely in mind and body. See where it takes you and notice how you feel when you connect all of your senses with the music.

Sounds of nature can be very soothing and healing. Next time you are in nature, tune in to the sounds of the environment to feel grounded and connected to Mother Earth.


Please be mindful of volume levels as each bowl has a different volume and when multiple bowls are played together the volume can go up considerably, especially if using headphones. If in doubt, begin with the volume low.

It is also recommended that you maintain a straight spine and relaxed position if you are using the sound bath as part of a meditation practice.

Download & Keep - Harmonic Sound Bath with 7 Crystal Singing Bowls